Sufficient number of charts and models are also available in the departments of college.

Rachana Sharir

The museum of Rachana Sharir department has numbers of specimens sectioned specimens, bone and working models etc.

Agad Tantra,Vyavhar Ayurved Evum Vidhi Vaidyak

This dept. have more than 40 specimens of animal, chemical and plants based poisonous drugs and also 40 charts is available for students.

Ras Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana

The Ras Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana dept. have a raw drugs and prepared medicines in its museum.


the Swashthvrita dept. is well furnished with adequately models, charts and specimens.

Dravya Guna Vigyana

Dravya Guna Vigyan department is enriched and well furnished with herbarium and crude drugs museum. Nearly 410 crude herbs specimens are kept properly and well maintained. Mahakashaya charts and more than 300 herbarium files are kept.

Rest departments are well furnished with their concerned models, charts and specimens etc.